Meet the Staff

Ministry Staff

Dr. Michael Atherton
Senior Pastor

Dr. Alan Fath
Associate Pastor of Worship

Dr. Jonathan Swan
Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Education

Dr. Brandon Kiesling
Associate Pastor of Gospel Proclamation

Brandon Winkler
Associate Pastor of Student and Family Ministries

Lee Sanders
Senior Adult Minister

Andrew Scheltens
Children's Minister

DJ Little
Assistant Student & Children’s Minister

Brandon Tucker
Academy Principal

Nathan Wilson
Crossroads Church Campus Director

Kyle Allen
Crossroads Church Worship Leader

Support Staff

Rich Francis
Church Administrator

Brenda Steck
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant to Pastoral Staff

Jim Caban
Director of Technical Arts

Debbie Francis
Finance Administrator/Accounts Payable

Tina Northcutt
Administrative Assistant

Jill White
Administrative Assistant

Dyanne Harvengt
Human Resource Clerk/Accounts Receivable

Lisa Miller
Administrative Assistant

Jeanine Ellett
Director of the Center for Biblical Guidance

Greg Faulkner
Lead Custodian