Biblical Doctrine
Teacher: Jonathan Swan

In this 10 week discipleship class, we seek to examine essential Christian teachings in order to understand what we are to believe and why we are to believe it. The class will cover topics such as God’s nature, the Trinity, creation, angels and demons, sin, and Christ. In short, this class seeks to deepen our knowledge and understanding of biblical doctrine so that we may be “complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17). Sign up for the class here.

A Biblical View of Creation
Teacher: Gary Kindt

How does the inerrancy of Scripture affect our lives? What does the Bible say about creation, evolution, science, or the age of the earth? Join teacher Gary Kindt as he demonstrates how the biblical worldview provides answers to these and many other questions related to the doctrine of creation. Click here to sign up.

Financial Peace University
Teacher: Brandon Kiesling

Topics in this class include budgeting, wise spending, insurance, building wealth, etc.  Sign up here for Financial Peace.

Walking With Integrity
Teacher: Steve Arnold

Join us this Fall in our Walking With Integrity 101 Discipleship Class as we learn to pursue holiness together. In a safe, confidential, grace-filled group we will help you tear down the strongholds of unwanted sexual thoughts, desires, and behaviors in your life that are keeping you from experiencing the joy of holiness. It will also equip those who want to learn how to support and minister to those seeking holiness in this area. You will learn how to build a strong biblical foundation to walk in integrity and find freedom in the power of Christ Jesus.

To sign up, text the Group Leader Steve Arnold 314-504-6614 or email him at