Current Classes

Biblical Doctrine II: Salvation, Church, Last Things

Teacher: Jonathan Swan

In this 8 week discipleship class, we seek to build a biblical worldview by examining the Bible’s teaching on the nature of salvation, the church, and the end times. By studying these topics, we hope that each Christian will not only know what they believe, by why they believe it. Even more, we want every Christian to be equipped with knowledge of God’s Word so that they may be “complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17). Besides purchase of the recommended (not required!) class book, the class is free. Also, you do not need to have attended Biblical Doctrine I to enjoy and benefit from this class!

Join us Sundays at 4pm in the Student Loft beginning March 3. Sign up for the class here.

Revival Generation (for Student Life only)

Teacher: Brandon Winkler

Look around. Our world is divided in almost every way imaginable—religion, politics, race, views on sexuality, and much, much more. On the surface, it might not seem like the time is right for a movement of God. On the contrary, now is the perfect time for revival. Not the emotional, momentary, feel-good type that comes and goes, but a revival that changes hearts. When God changes hearts, churches change. And changed churches change cities, which change nations, which change the world. When the world has seemed to be at its darkest, the Spirit of God has moved in a way that only He could. Can He do it again? Yes, He can. We just need to prepare our hearts to be ready when He does.  In this 8-week Bible study, we will explore how God prepares our hearts to be catalysts of revival.

Join us beginning March 3rd, from 3:30pm-5:00pm in the Student Life Center.  Cost is $15. Sign up for the class here.

The Conquer Series: The Battle Plan for Purity

Teacher: Steve Arnold

Are you struggling with sexual immorality that is affecting your relationship with Christ Jesus and loved ones in your life? Do you have a deepdesire to live free from the grip of pornography and its effects?Join an FBCO Conquer Series Group today and learn how to walk in spiritual and physical freedom through proven biblical-based strategies, tools, and applications.

During the 10-week Conquer Series program, participants engage in ten action-packed digital video episodes followed by group discussions. Each episode explores the strongholds that keep men in bondage, by examining the neurochemistry of addiction. Each episode guides participants in discovering the weapons and strategies of God, learning proven strategies to prevent relapse, and learning practical daily techniques to remain free from the physical grip and desire of engaging in porn use. Join a group today! Individual counseling is also available!

The class meets Tuesday nights starting February 27th, 2024 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Contact Steve Arnold to sign up: (314)-504-6614 or email at