Middle Schoolers Send Bible Resources Around the World

On July 18, FBCO 6th and 7th graders took a day trip to Love Packages in Butler, IL to prep Bibles and Bible study resources for shipping to ministries around the world. The students worked hard, showed a lot of cooperation, and never complained about the work. Their work impressed the LP staff, who praised them for their commitment.

The middle schoolers sorted, banded, and packed boxes of used and new Christian materials donated by individuals, churches, and publishers. Love Packages freely  distributes the materials to ministries outside the US that typically cannot afford to purchase them.

While Bibles are easily obtained in the US–and many homes may have multiple copies–students heard that Christians in Third World countries may not own Bibles because they are too expensive (even ones we see in $1 stores). Pastors even may not own a Bible…or a complete one. If they do have a Bible it can be shared by multiple individuals.

At the end of the day, students gathered around the materials they’d processed and prayed they would change lives for Christ in the locations they were sent.