FBCA Easter Musical 2022

The Prodigal Clown

Created by: Cyndi Nine, Rob Howard, David Guthrie

Adapted and Directed by: Sara Atherton

Choreography: Carrie Keller

Set Design and Build: D.J. Little

Tech Director: Jim Caban and team

Photography: Mike Daniels

Musical Keepsakes

To order a DVD or photography of FBCA’s Easter Musical, The Prodigal Clown, please click HERE. All proceeds will benefit First Baptist Christian Academy. Thank you for supporting our school!

“When the Circus Comes to Town”

“Under the Big Top”

“God’s Ways”  solo: Kinslie Leonard

“Life’s a Circus”   solo: Daphne Schnelle, Grant Vandemark, Colton Russell

“You Can Be Clean”  solo: Aymie Mayes

“What Once Was Lost Is Found”  solos: Dylan Little, Danica Oelger   trio: Audrey McCarthy, Savannah Mitchell, Rebekah Tucker

“We All Need Jesus”  solo: Micah Atherton

“Home”  solo: Addelyn Scheltens