Cares Night Classes

DivorceCare is a warm, caring, support group that meets on Sundays for 13 weeks. You’ll come to see your group as an “oasis” in an otherwise difficult season of your life. There are three components to the DivoreCare experience: video seminar, support group, and workbook. The cost of the workbook is $15. For more information click here.

GriefShare is a 13 week support group to help you on your journey through grief. The three key parts to the GriefShare experience are video seminar, support group, and workbook. The cost of the workbook is $15. For more information click here.

Family 101 helps us to build stronger relationships within our family. In this video driven study, Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg (America’s Family Coaches) lead us through eight of the “one another” verses of the New Testament. Each session contains a brief video teaching segment and opportunity for dialogue. Together we will look at serving, forgiving, honoring, praying for, loving, encouraging, building up, and being devoted to one another! The class is free.

Worship: Believers Experiencing God shows how God’s highest agenda for Himself and His people is worship. To God worship is so vital that to fail to experience genuine worship is fatal.  Yet it is possible to go through life thinking we have worshipped without ever having done so.  This six-week interactive study presents a process where God brings you face-to-face with His truth, then guides you to an interaction with that truth.  The purpose of this study is to help a church corporately come to unity of heart and life in their understanding what worship is as God has revealed it in His Word. The cost of the workbook is $10.

Leadership Institute The Leadership Institute is designed to help equip the members of FBCO to develop their leadership skills and use their spiritual gifts, talents, strengths, and abilities to help strengthen God’s Church and grow God’s Kingdom. This 10-month leadership development initiative will be broken up into two 5-month sessions. The first five months will look at leadership from an intra-personal perspective; who am I as a leader? The second five months will look at leadership from an inter-personal perspective; how am I to relate to others as a leader? We will cover topics like; communication, self-care, spiritual discipline, delegation, vision, conflict management, attitude, goal setting, relationships. Call the church office at 636-272-4838 for more information.

DivorceCare, GriefShare, Family 101, and Worship will not be meeting this Fall.

Conquer Series The Conquer Series is a 10-week biblically-based class to provide information on how to help and guide a loved one to live a sexually pure life in his/her Christian walk. Over 750,000 men nationwide have completed this video-group discussion-based class with thousands of individual lives healed of the constant internal struggle with pornography. Explore strongholds that keep men in bondage. Examine the neurochemistry of addiction. Discover the weapons and strategies of God. Investigate strategies to prevent relapse. Study practical daily techniques to remain free. Classes are held on-line on Sundays 4:00-6:00 pm beginning September 13. Contact Steve Arnold for more information.